New GunBound on mobile and PC?!

GunBound, does it ring a bell? Does it hurt when you hear this name and hoping that this will be available again?

A lot of you know what this game is all about when it first debut last 2003, there are so much hype going on on this game and as usual, there are times that we have to say goodbye to something, right?

However, Electronics Extremes (EXE) and Softnyx (the first developer of this game) announced that GunBound is coming to mobile and it will soft launch around late this year! They are doing internal testing to make sure that this game will be perfected!

You can customize your characters and weapons as well! This game will be available both for mobile and PC using the same ID! They want us fans to enjoy this whenever, wherever you at!​

I am really excited and I bet you are, too! You can now try this out between January 15 until January 22 (closed beta)!
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