New Halo 5 Fan Made Maps

New Halo 5 Fan made maps are now being added on the remakes of the Halo's Valhalla also some Sandtrap maps, 2007 Bunge game fan favorites.

You can see below the images of the new BTB maps which are more specific and more detailed.

There are also new Forge-made Grifball courts to enjoy. Also created by community members, these are:

  • "Bloodsport" by NLTROOO and Creative F0rce
  • "Blue vs Red 2003" by JA50N 0, The222v and ImDuhUnicorn
  • "Crow's Court" by xNFx Monsta and RBG Persian
  • "Grif Temple" by Caustic Kirby
  • "Frontier" by CaptainPunch374 and Creative F0rce
  • "High Charity" by Darkprince909 and Creative F0rce
  • "Sandwich" by Darkprince909 and Creative F0rce
  • "The Arbiter's Court" by guss br
  • "Underpass" by Katanga
source via gamespot
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