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Jan 3, 2017
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Hello there everyone! I'm Paolo but I usually go by my nickname, Altimitt. Feel free to call me either.

Let's see, ever since I first encountered the FamiCom (Family Computer, NES)
back in the late 80's, I've been hooked to videogames ever since. I owned a
FamiCom, Super FamiCom, PSX, Dreamcast, PS2, NDS, PS3 and lastly a PC.

My favorite genres are MOBAs (and most of their counterparts), JRPGs, some
Western RPGs, Platformers, Sidescrollers, so in short, mostly anything that piques
my interests. If I looked at it and liked it, I'll play it.

Let's see, what else? Favorite games?
Final Fantasy series, Breath of Fire series, Overwatch, CSGO, Battlerite, DOTA2,
League of Legends, Tales of series, Resident Evil series.

Oh and I'm currently uploading stuff up on Youtube. From Overwatch
gameplay memes to Battlerite gameplays, to Overwatch unboxing videos.
Take a look if you guys have the time!
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