New Horizon Call Of The Mountain PSVR 2 Story Information Released

There are only a few weeks left until the debut of PSVR 2, and out of the dozens of games that will be released during that month, Horizon Call of the Mountain is being positioned as the hardware's showpiece title. Sony has provided additional information about the primary character in this Horizon spin-off, which has a new lead, in a brand-new blog post.


We've been teasing Horizon Call of the Mountain, an upcoming PlayStation VR2 adventure debuting on February 22, over the past few months. We wanted to take the time today to get to know Ryas, the character you'll be playing as you experience a brand-new narrative in the Horizon universe.

The deadly Red Raids, a horrific campaign of assaults and ritual sacrifice carried out by the Carja against its surrounding tribes, are still having an impact on the Carja Sundom. After the Mad Sun-King Jiran was ousted by his son Avad, these raids that caused untold suffering to people's lives came to an end.

The repercussions of Jiran's rule tore the Carja tribe apart, with those relieved that he had been overthrown staying in the Sundom and Jiran's supporters breaking into the castle at Sunfall and rebuilding as the Carja in Shadow.

One such soldier was Ryas, the protagonist of Horizon Call of the Mountain. Ryas wants to atone for his role in the kidnapping of young Prince Itamen from his home in Meridian and reclaim his honor.


Ryas was spared death for allowing himself to be taken prisoner and held by the Carja. He is currently being sought out by Blameless Marad and Sun-King Avad. Ryas, a skilled climber, archer, and hunter, must gain his release in exchange for looking into a fresh danger.

Guerrilla’s Studio Narrative Director, Ben McCaw, offered us further insight: “Ryas ended up on the wrong side for the right reasons. His family was torn apart, and ultimately, he was incarcerated. This is the story of how he tries to come back from that.”

Through Ryas, a captivating new protagonist, and the PS VR2 headset, players will be able to view the world of Horizon from a fresh angle in Horizon Call of the Mountain. The player is completely immersed in Call of the Mountain, which places them in the most thrilling heights of the Sundom and beyond thanks to haptic feedback, clever eye tracking, and an incredibly wide field of vision.

"We took the Horizon experience and redesigned it from the ground up for VR," claims Ben McCaw. And we believed that a new protagonist was necessary for this. Master climber, hunter, and explorer Ryas provides the ideal perspective of Horizon's expansive vistas and perilous wilds.


The standalone hardware pack and a special version of PSVR 2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain will both be released on February 22. Over 30 games will be launched on the system during the launch window, including a number of third-party games that have been optimized, such as Tetris Effect: Connected, Rez Infinite, Resident Evil Village, and others.