New Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Revealed at E3 2015

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    A new gameplay trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was unveiled at Square Enix's conference today. The gameplay trailer featured two characters conversing as they played a board game which looked like chess, and was interspersed with new footage of Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting across a few new and unrecognisable worlds.

    The characters discussed the ancient keyblade war--an event which has been referenced in previous Kingdom Hearts games but never explored in depth. One of the characters mentions that the ancient keyblade war was started by "the lost masters," suggesting that more about the war will be revealed in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Sora was shown dual-wielding pistol-esque weapons which shot bright light-like ammunition, and could be combined to form a single larger weapon. At one point in the trailer, Sora summoned a chariot drawn by Pegasus to charge around in combat and run over enemies.

    Kingdom Hearts III was first announced during E3 2013. The game will be the newest numbered entry to the series since 2005's Kingdom Hearts II.

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