New Korean MMO game “Bless Global” available now for download!

World-wide mobile device users can now download Bless Global. Tigon Mobile, a division of Longtu Korea, published Bless Global, which has more than 2 million pre-registrations. The game was supposed to go live globally on January 10, 2023, however the makers caved in and published the game instead. Both Android and iOS smartphones can download the game.


Based on the Bless Online IP, an online MMO game, comes Bless Global. The game features a medieval fantasy look, and through great tales and console-level visuals, players begin their trip in a real-world magical setting. It offers a fluid mobile combat system in addition to interesting battle animation.

All gamers will enjoy an epic and immersive gameplay experience thanks to these features.

The fantasy-themed MMORPG Bless Global has been created for mobile and PC platforms. A separate mechanism for character customisation in the game enables players to construct a distinctive persona out of a wide range of interchangeable facial parts. All participants in the game have their own individual in-game character, thanks to the game's creators.


Additionally, players will have the option of joining guilds where they can participate in various cooperative quests. The guild system is one of the crucial systems. It promises intriguing guild assignments and unique guild abilities to assist guild members advance. and give each gamer a unique battle experience.

Additionally, Bless Global offers dungeon challenges, wherein 5-person and 10-person teams will carry out significant raids. In the game, players enter a brand-new planet and have the opportunity to pet various creatures. Users of Android devices can now download the game and immediately begin playing it.