New League of Legends Champion Lilia Confirmed

For the past two weeks, data miners from the PBE servers of League of Legends, were speculating a new champion. And finally, on June 26, Comrade from Twitter found something.

Two different voice records from two different possible champions. He hinted that we may expect a champion called "Lily" or Lilia".

He tweeted the the two voice recordings he found from the game files. The first and second recorded voices came from the speculated masked champion talking to Lilia. After a few days, Riot finally confirmed the name "Lilia" in the PBE server. And it seems that she may have the same introduction as Sett. When Sett was introduced to the servers, players randomly got a token called "Sett's Calling Card" after doing a certain feat to impress Sett. As we all know, those who got the token were able to purchase Sett for free after his public release. Lilia, the new champion, got her own token called "Lilia's Haiku" with the caption from Riot saying: "You have found Lilia in the Jungle. Openable on July 22nd, 2020”.

She is expected to be released in official servers in Patch 10.15. As for the haunting voice that you may have heard from the teaser recordings, it is unclear to everyone. The voice sounds familiar if you've watched the Ruined King teaser trailer from last December 2019.

It is a turn-based RPG game being developed by Airship Syndicate and published by Riot Forge. What do you think? Is it a masked assassin who'll terrorize the Rift like Zed? Share us your thoughts.