New map WATCH teased in Valorant Year One Anthem

VALORANT published their Year One Anthem on Monday, June 21. There's a lot to absorb in the nearly 4-minute movie. Teasers for Episode 3 allude to a probable new map called WATCH as well as a new agent.


Teasers and Easter eggs that indicate to forthcoming agents or maps are frequently hidden by Riot programmers in VALORANT's battle pass. Testing Grounds, the tier-42 player card from Episode Three, depicts an arid area in the midst of nowhere. Cynprel, a lore fanatic, dissected the player card today, suggesting that it's a teaser for a new map.


The Year One Anthem video from VALORANT covers a lot of ground, including a preview for a prospective new map. “Watch” appears in huge red letters over what seems to be a cliffside research center as the film begins. There appears to be a blue reactor-style energy center in the midst of the landscape. The image of a nuclear wasteland village corresponds with the teaser in the battlepass, as @cynprel pointed out on Twitter.

The tropical map Breeze, which was released last, is contrasted by a nuclear wasteland map design. By including a number of diverse maps in the game, the developers are keeping gamers on their toes. Because VALORANT creators generally release one new map every episode, it's likely that a new map is currently in the works and will be published in the next months.

According to Cynprel, the picture resembles a desert in the “Southwestern US landscape.” They also discovered a radianite danger sign, indicating that the energy source is most likely present.There's even a floating triangle in the distance in front of a plateau, which may represent a radianite island similar to Ascent. Given the location's proximity to the tainted material, it appears to be an ideal target for mirror agents.