New mecha RPG mobile game Artery Gear: Fusion will soon be available for global players

Artery Gear: Fusion, an anime-themed RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world with mecha girls, is currently accessible for pre-registration for users all over the world. Players will take control of a commander commanding a mecha-girl army of female warriors wearing cybernetic armour known as "Artery Gear."


The game is based on an immersive apocalyptic story and features exceptionally realistic graphics that are the result of a combination of 3D and Spine technology, which adds to the game's appeal. On the other hand, the game features a number of mech heroines with unique talents and skills that can be employed to take on even the most difficult conflicts and emerge triumphant.

The turn-based RPG features beautiful character graphics and a captivating story about humanity's perseverance during the chaotic "puppet war." On the official website, pre-registration for the game is presently open, with milestone prizes based on the number of players that sign up for the future title. Rewards include Forging Element Crystal x 540 and Mousse XL x 1 once 50,000 pre-registration sign-ups are reached, as well as Cherry Cake, Backup Energy, Intermediate Decoder Chip, Fund x 30000, Super Type-I Chip T3, and so much more.


Players will receive Nio Skin Passing Star once sign-ups reach 300,000, while hitting 500k pre-registrations will award everyone with SSR AG for free - with unlimited resets. This means you can keep sketching and switching your gacha result until you find the character you want and add it to your collection.

You can pre-register for Artery Gear: Fusion on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Android devices if you want to get first dibs on the action-packed game when it opens. For additional information about the lore, go to the official website.


Artery Gear: Fusion will, however, be released very soon. The development team is now running a closed beta test (CBT), and the game is open for pre-registration in select locations such as Malaysia and Singapore. Pre-registration for the CBT is available for both Android and iOS users. Users may stay up to date on all information by going to the official website or following the official social media accounts.