New Members of Nexplay EVOS revealed by Dogie

Nexplay EVOS’ Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio has introduced the new members of its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang roster.


Through a vlog posted by Dogie, the five new players were acquired from AP Esports. He was impressed by one of the players because of how good he is when he’s shotcalling during matches. Dogie also confirmed that Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang will also be a part of the Nexplay EVOS lineup.

The new players have already arrived in the boot camp though the roster has yet to be completed since some of the players are still on vacation or haven't arrived in the boot camp.

AP Esports is a multi-gaming esports organization that provides amateur pro players the necessary tools to hone their skills and environment for them to grow in the esports scene.

Here are the names of the new members:
  • Michael "MP THE KING" Endino - Core
  • Kennenth "Cadenza" Castro - Tank
  • Mariusz "Donut" Tan - Gold Lane
  • Emanuel "Elpizo" Candelaria - Support
  • Renren "Ureshi" Nitsuga - EXP Lane
Dogie also stated that MP THE KING really impressed him with how he’s shotcalling and leading his team during the matches.

“I played with them, MP THE KING’s shotcalling is impressive, he’s in another league of his own,” stated Dogie. “Definitely look forward to these guys.”

He also added that everything has already been set up for the new members including the scrim matches that will involve teams from Indonesia as well here in the Philippines.

“I’m very excited and I know you guys are also excited,” stated Dogie. “This is a new environment in our house, also a new environment for them (new members) so it’s exciting.”

As it is, Nexplay EVOS has yet to reveal the official roster of the team. The organization may make changes on their roster before the MPL PH Season 9 starts. It will be really interesting to see who will make the official roster of Nexplay EVOS for the upcoming MPL PH Season 9.