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    Minecraft is upon the Lunar New Year which will provide new skins to celebrate. Classic Chinese Tale can be used by the players to dress their Characters, "Journey to the West"

    The Journey to the West skin pack is available right now and includes 15 different characters such as Princess Iron Fan, Lord Hundred-Eyes, and the Monkey King. The entire collection costs $1.99, but players will be able to download characters Red Boy and Guanyin for free.


    The pack is only available for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition (which remains in beta) and Pocket Edition on mobile devices.​
    You can check out the entire list of skins below:

    • Black Wind Demon
    • Bull Demon King
    • Friar Sand
    • Guanyin
    • Jade Emperor
    • Lady Earth Flow
    • Lord Hundred-Eyes
    • Monk Pig
    • Monkey King
    • Pale Bone Demon
    • Princess Iron Fan
    • Red Boy
    • Scorpion Demon
    • Spider Demon
    • Xuanzang

    source via gamespot
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