New MMORPG Onigiri Heroes Is Set To Launch Globally In 2021 For Mobile Devices

CyberStep, a Japan-based game developer, has just announced that Onigiri Heroes, its latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game, will be released for the Android and iOS platforms by the end of the year.


Onigiri Heores appears to have big ambitions, as it will be released worldwide from the get-go and will include Japanese, English, and Chinese options for the game in its upcoming release. It will have an action-packed gameplay that takes place in ancient Japan, according to the developers. There will also be an improved system of balance and controls that will work with both iOS and Android devices. In order to maintain the high-speed action RPG elements of Onigiri, this has been implemented.


Onigiri Heroes is based on the Onigiri MMORPG, which was launched in 2013 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch by the same CyberStep. If new incarnation of Onigiri is anything like its predecessor, the game will take place in a fantasy depiction of ancient Japan replete with magical monsters. Before Sun Goddess Amaterasu put an end to its reign of terror, an evil creature known as Kamikui had wreaked havoc across the land. Three seals were erected on Kamikui, providing humanity with a little respite, but one of the seals eventually fractured, as is common with such things. You play as an Oni whose life is thrown into disarray as a result of Kamikui's resurrected form.

Here are some of the game's key features via its pre-registration page on TapTap

Vast Japanese fantasy world​

In the vast world of Onigiri, many unique buildings and characters appear in signature places like Onigashima, Sekigahara, Kyoto, and Edo, with a unique Japanese-style fantasy world awaits. You can also explore the world with players around the world.


- Easy to play & Action-packed MMORPG​

Unleash the dynamic skills with simple controls and experience the exhilarating action. The game includes various action elements including guarding and avoiding.


Arrays of historical characters are playable, including Miyamoto Musashi and Oda Nobunaga. The characters will also join your teams for different challenges.


There have been no information about the gameplay, but the fact that it is an MMORPG should give you some idea of what to expect. There doesn't appear to be a website for the game yet, but keep an eye on the official developer website for updates when it becomes available.