New Mobile App for PS4

Today Sony PlayStation has launched a new application for the mobile, this is mainly for the PlayStation 4 community. This app will allow you to get in touch with some PS4 Gamers while you are away from your console. Communities serve as almost like system-level clans, letting you join up to play games together or talk about shared interests.

The app allows you to access community profiles, discover and join new communities, and post text or images to community walls, among other things. Push notification support lets you get alerts whenever there's new activity.

This is all well and good, though it is somewhat strange that the functionality comes as a standalone app, rather than as a part of the main PlayStation app. In addition to that one, Sony offers a PlayStation Messages app, which is dedicated to viewing your PSN friends list and sending PSN messages.

Sony's latest app launches later today on iOS and Android.

source via gamespot