New Mobile Legend Hero: Carmilla

A new hero is about to suck the living life out of her enemies in Mobile Legends! The Shadow of Twilight, Carmilla!

Hero Specialty: A Blood Demon who can pass the damage to multiple enemies via the link of curse.
Available to be played on the advanced server, Carmilla is a support champion with a kit centered around damage and CC.

Carmilla's in-game Model
Her passive skill is Vampire Pact. A skill that allows her to steal defense stats from heroes.

Her first skill is Crimson Flower. An AoE spell that also gives her a burst of movement speed.

Her second skill is Bloodbath. On first cast, gives Carmilla bonus movement speed and on recast, deals damage to an enemy and stuns them.

And Her ultimate is Curse of The Blood. A spell that spreads out on enemies when they are grouped up, damaging and slowing them.

Her release date is still unannounced but she is available to be played on the advanced server of Mobile Legends. Are you excited to play this champion? What are your thoughts about her kit?