New Mobile Legends Hero Phoveus Leaked From the Advanced Server

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has introduced its 106th hero, Phoveus, in to the advanced server, with a more polished character model and finer skill set description.


Phoveus has been around the advanced server for quite some time now, and details about this new hero has already been leaked. He is a fighter hero who can also fill the role of support hero due to his skill set. His abilities include a lot of crowd control effects and is very effective against high mobility champions such as Wanwan and Fanny. Since Phoveus is a fighter who deals and provides magic damage, the new hero will rely heavily on his skills.

Here is a quick run down of MLBB's newest hero, Phoveus.


Passive Skill: Intuition of the Deity​

Whenever an enemy hero uses blink or dash abilities near Phoveus, all of his skills' cooldowns will be reduced by one second.

This proves to be effective against heroes with high mobility such as Fanny and Lancelot who relies heavily on dashing around the map. Because of Phoveus' passive, all of his active skills will continuously reset as long as the enemies are within its range. With this, you can spam your skills and deal crowd control effects more often.

1st Skill: Evil Terror​

Phoveus crushes the ground to deal magic damage to enemies within an area and slow them down. The skill can be casted 3 times and if it hits an enemy, Phoveus will then gain a shield.

With the addition of a shield and low cooldown because of his passive, Phoveus can be very difficult to kill. However, the shield does not stack with each hit, but instead refreshes the duration of the shield.

2nd Skill: Astaros Eye​

Phoveus summons an eye on the ground and enemies who walk on it will be slowed by 40%. The eye closes after a one second delay and pulls enemies within range towards its center. This enemy movement affected by the skill will count as a dash and will trigger his passive.

The crown control skill is very effective in containing enemies into one place before hitting them with a nasty combo. It can also activate your passive to reduce your skills cooldown by a second or trigger your ultimate skill to instantly teleport to your enemies.

Ultimate Skill: Force of Divinity​

Whenever an enemy uses a dash, blink or charge skill within range, Phoveus can immediately teleport to the target dealing AoE magic damage.

This skill is perfect for hunting highly mobile heroes like Fanny and Wanwan. During team fights, many heroes will have the ability to rush and dash around you. So this skill requires precision since it may teleport you to the wrong target if not used properly.

There is no official release date for Mobile Legend: Bang Bang's newest hero, Phoveus, yet because it is still currently a work in progress in the advanced server. But once released, it will very troublesome for players who mostly use Fanny, Wanwan, Gusion, Lancelot, and other highly mobile heroes.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is available both on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.