New Multiplayer Party Game Project: Fun Party launches early access for Android in Canada

Tencent's whimsical multiplayer party game Project: Fun Party is currently accessible in early access on Android smartphones in Canada. Project: Fun Party, often known as DreamStar, is a game designed for players of all ability levels, from novices to experts.


Similar to Fall Guys, you go on an insane voyage across a wide range of interesting terrain suitable for all types of players. There are many challenges to conquer and enjoyable activities to partake in, such as summertime waterway sliding, uncovering mysteries concealed beneath mysterious stones, and maneuvering through intricate airborne tunnels.

Play games like Who's the Big Bad to experience thrilling racing, fierce battles, and humorous showdowns—there's never a dull moment. Join forces with friends from around the globe to increase the chaos and entertainment. No matter where you go, carry the joy with you because it never ends. Enjoy a hot air balloon flight, a carousel ride, a splash pad, and a trip to the rainbow island.



As everyone starts to create, take charge of their own world. Show off your masterpieces to pals worldwide after letting your imagination run wild with various materials. The only thing limiting the endless alternatives is your imagination. Meet the three adorable characters: the goofy Goodie Duck, the adorable Cutie Lamb, and Hippon. Whether you're dressing in your faves or going for an enchanted appearance, get ready to look amazing and steal the show at the next party.

Project: Fun Party Gameplay Trailer​

Canadian Android users can now download Project: Fun Party from the Google Play Store, albeit it appears that access to it is temporarily limited. Both the worldwide release date and the iOS device release have not yet been announced.