New NFT Fighting Game Zoids Wild Arena Game debuts Concept Video and Gameplay Teaser

Act Games, a publisher of mobile games, started streaming a gameplay teaser video and concept video for its Zoids Wild Arena game on Wednesday.


The game was formerly dubbed Zoids Wild NFT Arena by Act Games before being renamed Zoids Wild Arena. In November 2022, the game underwent a beta testing phase for PC and Android.

The newest entry in the Zoids franchise, Zoids Wild, was unveiled by Takara Tomy in 2018. The project contains two Nintendo Switch games, model kits, anime, and manga.

The 50-episode Zoids Wild anime ran from its July 2018 premiere. Zoids Wild Zero, the follow-up anime, had its October 2019 premiere postponed to May 2020 due to COVID-19. June 2020 saw the return of the anime. In August 2020, Netflix in the United States started to stream the first season of the anime Zoids Wild in English. In October 2020, the second half—which consists of episodes 25–50—began streaming on Netflix in the US.


On the official YouTube channels of Takara Tomy and Shogakukan's Coro Coro Comics magazine, the Zoids Wild Senki (Chronicle of Zoids Wild War) battle CG anime made its premiere in October 2020.

About the Game
The blockchain trading card game (TCG) Zoids Wild NFT Arena, which features characters from the "ZOIDS WILD" and "ZOIDS WILD ZERO" franchises of TV Animation, is now available in beta.

The beta test, dubbed the "Frontier Test," started on November 10 and will continue until November 23. Anyone can sign up for the test without needing NFTs, and the game is playable on computers and Android mobile devices.


Zoids Wild NFT Arena is a TOMY Company, Ltd. initiative that has been officially licensed and is being developed by ACT Games and presented by Z Spot. The game will be fully experienced by those who take part in the Frontier Test, and they could even be rewarded financially.

Visit to register an account and connect it to your MetaMask wallet in order to play the game.


To build your deck, you will receive 5 regular card packs each day. Each pack contains 10 cards. Before playing, each player needs at least 30 cards. During the test, the game will also give players free access to daily virtual currencies called Metal so they may enhance their cards.

The game uses two different kinds of cards. One is the ZOIDS unit that is summoned when the Unit card is utilized. Another one is the tactic card, which will call the card's corresponding talent. In order to win this game, you must attack the opposing Commander until its health reaches zero.


Your ranking rises the more victories you have. The top 3,000 players will get USDT in accordance with this breakdown at the conclusion of the exam. A limited-edition Gilraptor NFT card will also be given to each of the 1,000 testers who provide the game with insightful comments.