New Outlast Game announced: The Outlast Trials

Horror games will always have a small place for our hearts. Avid gamers might be familiar with the title "Outlast", which is considered to be one of the good horror games you can play out there on different platforms. The last Outlast game was released on 2017, and now, we will be getting a new game based on the horror franchise!

The Outlast Trials will be a co-op game which is set in the middle of the Cold War era. It is not a direct sequel to the Outlast II but it is set on the same universe. Players can play the game with three other friends so you can scare yourselves together or by themselves if they are brave enough as tests subjects performing various and what I can only assume horrific experiments that will surely leave a psychological scar on the players.

The developers said that the game is still on it's early development stages and they didn't issue a statement regarding the target release or platforms which the game will be made available to. So don't forget to check us out to learn more about this game!