New Overwatch Map Launches Today On PTR

Overwatch new map is available for some players after Blizzard teased it on Monday, now the map Horizon Lunar Console is available on the game but only in the public test realm for the PC announced by Blizzard. An Assault map set in a scientific moonbase, Horizon Lunary Colony has some incredible views of Earth. You can see an overview video for the map above; that's Winston doing the narration. For an even closer look, you can check the screenshot below.

Kaplan also discusses Blizzard's approach to low gravity, given this map is set on the moon. There's a certain section of the map that offers this, but not the whole map, as it felt like a gimmick that broke the game. For those who want to try that out anyway, Blizzard will be adding an Arcade option for a limited time that enables low gravity on all maps. Custom Games will also offer a low-gravity setting.

source via Overwatch Website