New PC MMORPG 'Ragnarok Begins' Launches Closed Beta In Korea

Ragnarok Begins, a game that was first introduced back in 2019, has officially launched the game's closed beta testing in South Korea as of yesterday, September 1st.


The developers behind the original Ragnarok Online in 2002, Studio Gravity, is launching a closed beta testing for Ragnarok Begins, its newest non-target side-scroll action MMORPG for PC. The game will be running the test for a full week, from the 1st of September until 7th of September and users who have initially registered in its official website will be able to participate in the scheduled CBT.

Despite the "closed nature" of the testing, it appears that no invitations are required for participation. It is important to note, however, that you will require a Korean phone number in order to verify your account.

According to the official description, Ragnarok Begins will take place 100 years before the start of the Ragnarok Online storyline, and its plot will revolve around the conflict between the Kingdom of Rune-Midgard and the State of Arunafels. Additionally, the Pope's mysterious past will be revealed. Starting with just four main jobs that will be very familiar to fans, followed by two advanced job options will make the game very accessible.


Also, in order to accommodate the complex manipulations required by the combat system, side scrolling with the ability to move left and right was implemented, as explained by the developers. Both fans and players hope that Ragnarok Begins will see more success than Ragnarok Online 2. We'll have to see and find out!