New Play-to-Earn RPG WonderHero is coming to mobile devices

WonderHero, a brand new play-to-earn MMORPG, allows you to collect heroes, engage in RPG combat, and earn $WND. In PvP or PvE battles, including boss fights, you must employ strategy.


WonderHero will have two main modes: Battle and Arena. In Battle Mode, you will progress through an exciting story campaign, seeing more of the WonderHero universe as you complete chapters. Each chapter will contain a variety of challenges that you can complete in order to earn stars and receive additional rewards. In Arena mode, you will compete against one another to see who can emerge victorious and advance to the top rank.

The battle system in WonderHero will mandate you to command a team of four heroes in order to battle enemies on an 8 x 4 battlefield. Battles are won by completely reducing the health of your opponents.


Battles will feature the following two major phases:

Ally Action Phase​

During the Ally Action Phase, you must move your heroes to an effective range to attack the enemies or position the heroes for a strategic advantage. By pressing the action button, you will confirm your choices and bring the ally phase to an end.

Enemy Action Phase​

This begins at the conclusion of the Ally Action Phase, the enemies will move and launch their attack. When they have completed their orders, this phase will end and they will return to the Ally Action Phase.


WonderHero's creators have announced that the game will be available for Android and iOS on January 18th. It will be accessible via Google Play and the App Store. It has been announced that on January 18th, a yield system will be launched to help manage scholars on WonderHero, saving 80 percent of management time to focus on growing scholar relationships.

From January 18th to February 16th, there will also be a reward party. During this time, you can earn more token rewards.