New Pokemon Go Update Coming Soon

Soon will be the release of the new Pokemon Go update which has been announced by game developer Niantic. Android version 0.61.0 and iOS version 1.31.0 are in the process of being updated, and the downloads should be available soon. New language settings is added on the new update alongside with text fixes and various bugs. the Pokemon collection screen's scroll bar has been changed, though precisely how is currently unclear.

Pokemon Go's last patch introduced a new bonus system whereby you get a new evolution item for completing the seven-day "First PokeStop of the Day challenge. Previously, you would receive 2,500 XP and other items for the Photo Disc when you visited a PokeStop every day for seven days in a row.

A recent Water-type event introduced shiny Pokemon for the first time to Pokemon Go. Some fans were concerned the rare creatures would cease to be available after the event ended on March 29, but it seems shiny monsters are indeed still catchable.

source via Niantic

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