New PS5 and PC MMORPG Chrono Odyssey reveals new gameplay details

Chrono Odyssey, a forthcoming MMORPG developed by the South Korean studio Npixel, has been unveiled. A breathtaking four-minute teaser that showcases the game in all of its gorgeous, Unreal Engine 5-powered grandeur as well as providing the first information on what players may anticipate from the ambitious title.


It's not the first Chrono Odyssey teaser we've seen, but it is the first one to feature what appears to be actual, in-game gameplay footage, and it certainly looks like a delicious visual feast.

Chrono Odyssey promises an environment that feels "ever-changing" and will allegedly change over time with the shifting of the seasons. It is set in the open world of Setera.

Graphical fidelity is frequently not at the forefront when people think about massively multiplayer online games. This is due to the fact that games in this genre frequently sacrifice visual quality in order to give a playable experience across a wide range of platforms. The newest game from NPixel and Chrono Studio, Chrono Odyssey, looks to break the mold by relying entirely on the spectacle and the PS5's capability.


The first comprehensive look at Chrono Odyssey's gameplay was just revealed on the PlayStation Blog. Unreal Engine 5 did most of the hard lifting to expose much of the combat, characters, and world design. The lighting and ambient realism displayed in the trailer are comparable to some of the best PS5 titles, such as Horizon Forbidden West.

The main plot device of the game is the capacity to change time and space, which shows up in both the combat and the plot development of the voyage, where it appears that players will be able to go back in time and even explore different timelines. Naturally, since it's an MMO, you'll be sharing this "dynamic social experience" with hundreds of other players.

The PS5 MMORPG's aesthetic appears to have some significant depth, though. Fighting appears to be much more creative than simply using hot bars and cooldowns. This is due to the fact that the actual combat seems to have more in common with Demon's Souls and Ghost of Tsushima than it does with World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV Online.