New RPG pop-fantasy game, Dislyte is now available for Open Beta in several countries

Pre-registration for Lilith Games' forthcoming game Dislyte started earlier this month. Lilith Games is renowned for popular games such as Warpath, Rise of Kingdom, and AFK Arena. In addition, the creators have published an open beta that is only available in a few regions.


Dislyte is a future role-playing game. The game takes place in 2027, and the heroes must battle the evil that has taken over the city. According to the creators, Dislyte has high-quality graphics, a unique soundtrack, and sonic-based gameplay that gives it a lively sense of style unlike any other iOS and Android game. In terms of gameplay, it's a turn-based RPG in which you gather, train heroes (known as Espers), build a team, and fight in strategic combat.

Dislyte, set in a beautiful urban paradise, immerses players in a world where evil lurks around every turn. Heroes must stand up against terrible powers attacking mankind in the midst of dazzling lights and neon signs. Thankfully, the magical Nexuses' sonic waves have endowed a chosen few with divine talents, converting ordinary humans into remarkable Espers ready to fight the good fight.


Fighting alongside Espers, you’ll team up to save the world from Miracles. While their names sound miraculously benevolent, they are anything but. Miracles float through the skies raining down death and destruction as they summon horrendous beasts – Miramon (Miracle Monsters) that attack the cities below.

As scary as these Miracle Monsters are, Espers have the ability to defeat them — and do so in style. Dislyte's Espers are based on the greatest figures from many mythologies throughout the world, recreated in this pop-fantasy RPG for aesthetic enjoyment.


Sun Wukong from Chinese mythology is joined by Anubis from Egyptian mythology, Odin from Norse mythology, and many other characters. You'll meet ancient gods and legendary animals during your neon-filled adventure over wonderfully created maps, learning more about their stories as you go.

Dislyte’s open beta test starts in selected countries
  • Players from the UK, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia can now head to Google Play to download and experience the game.
Things you should know about Dislyte’s open beta:
  • The open beta is only available for Android users; there is no update about the iOS version yet
  • The minimum requirement to run Dislyte on your Android Device is Android 6.0, OpenGL 3.1 and 2GB of free space.
  • The player data will not be erased when the game launches globally

When will Dislyte be available worldwide?
  • Dislyte's precise release date has yet to be revealed by Lilith Games. Instead, they merely stated that it will be available on Android and iOS in the near future. Players may pre-register for the game on Google Play or Dislyte's official website at the moment.
  • Because Dislyte is being developed by Lilith Games, I have great hopes for the game. With titles like Rise of the Kingdom, Warpath, and AFK Arena, Lilith Games has a wonderful track record, and I expect nothing less from its next futuristic adventure RPG.