New Sci-Fi Mobile Game Project Snow is now open for Pre-registration

Project Snow is a new sci-fi third-person shooting mobile game developed by DianLi Studio. This has been announced on TapTap and is now open for pre-registration.



Project Snow is in development for iOS and Android. The game is being made with Unreal Engine 4. The game is currently still in its early development but the producer of Project Snow said on TapTap that they are open with any feedback that can be implemented in the game.



Here is the game’s overview:

As a result of the spread of a terminal adolescent disease called “adulthood disease” decades ago, the world’s age-appropriate workforce is drastically reduced, forcing the rapid development of AI and robotics industries, and human civilization suddenly turns. In 2057, a giant unknown humanoid creature, “Titan”, appeared out of nowhere at the annual final of the world’s top virtual gaming event “Valkyrie Games”, causing a huge explosion. Afterward, the descent event repeated itself several times, and visions occurred all over the world. ……

In 2060, the World Tree Corporation set up the Heimdall Force to fight against the Titans, and will go deep into the original The “Zone Zero” is the original quarantine zone of the incident, and will carry out the task of “Detection – Observation – Collection”. You will join the experimental armed forces as an analyst and act together with other members. In the process, the scars of human society after the coming of the Titans, and the truth that was deliberately hidden behind the hatred and tears, will be gradually uncovered ……

What can save the abandoned people? Is it science, is it gods, or is it ……

You can visit the game’s page on TapTap and pre-register there.