New Set of Teamfight Tactics will arrive soon: TFT Galaxies

Out with the old, in with the new. With Rise of the Elements coming to a close. Teamfight Tactics, the auto-chess battler game of Riot Games' League of Legends, will be having a new set for players to enjoy. While Rise of the Elements has been an interesting set for TFT, there are some things that TFT development team would like to point out.

Back in RotE, It has a special mechanic called Elemental Hexes which buffs a champion with what hex it put making it very interesting to see what would happen, some then would saw interesting interactions would it and may make or break a game. That is what the dev team is trying to achieve in this set, having a way to make the game replayable and contain more tactical thinking on which character to put in the hexes. However, it will not be back for the next set as it will need more fixing with its power levels and confusion with newer players what to use in the hexes, destroying their game because of a wrong decision or two. For the developers, they want something more clear for the players to know what they will do in the next set.

So introducing Galaxies, the latest set of TFT that will be launched soon. A very straightforward name for an interesting take of the game. The changes of the game will be all around what the new name implies. There will be galaxies that you will encounter each game you will be playing in. You will not know what kind of galaxy you will encounter before the game starts, you will only know it when everyone is connected, only then you will be prompted what will the galaxy be. The developers of TFT have only leaked two of the galaxies that they plan to release and here are these two.

First, is the Neekoverse Galaxy, in this Galaxy you will be given 2 Neeko's Help at the start of the game. This will present a dilemma for the players to either conserve this item or use it quickly to gain a lead, only the player will have the answer to that as it will relate on their tactic on that battle.

Another example would be where the first carousel (where you pick the champion you want to start with) will consist of 4-star champions. Will the players be able to build around them as the early game will be filled with lower tier champions? Or will they use the 4-star as a support while waiting for its copies on the late game? They can also just sell it for a quick surplus of cash which they can use for faster interest strategy or boost your lower tier champions. There's a lot of possibilities!

The goal of Galaxies is somewhat similar but more clarified than Rise of the Elements, the goal of the set is to bring increased variance of the game, at the start, you may only encounter a handful of galaxies but as the set keeps getting updates and patches, it is said that Galaxies may consist of 10 or more galaxies, but it is only a speculation until that happens. Another factor that they want to bring in is adaptability, instead of bringing in guides and suggestions per game. They will be able to think while playing as they need to quickly adapt to the galaxy that they will be playing in. After all, they will not know in which galaxy they will play unless they start the game, so they would need to search a lot of guides before they can even think of a proper strategy if they prefer on relying such references.

Instead of confusing hexes, Galaxies will bring clear plans on what it brings, you need to be able to be able to quickly adapt to changes while playing in order to win. This brings in skill rather than relying on other people in how they would win. Sure, it is unavoidable but it is very hard to do it while you play the game. Just be the master and win it all.

Still, they will be counting on everyone's feedback and support in order to bring the best of this set so open your comms and relay your thoughts with them to make it the best experience yet!