New State Mobile Announces new program New State Labs for Players to Test Upcoming Contents

The follow-up to the unreleased game PUBG Mobile is called New State. Battle Royale is fully dominated by PUBG Mobile. The game's successful conversion to mobile platforms astounded them. The game is still active and playable even decades after its first release. The creators made the decision to test a new game before releasing the PUBG Mobile sequel. In the US, this is referred to as New State Mobile. New State Labs is a new feature added to the battle royale game.


It's easy to use New State Labors. Players can test out these features on test servers and then provide feedback to the developer about their use of them. The creators will benefit from this functionality in the future, and it will also address any faults and malfunctions that their games may have. It's important to note that the cash and gear kept on the test server won't appear on the live server. In addition, visitors at New State Labs must receive an invitation. Soon, more information regarding beta servers will become official.


This sort of early-access show has appeared frequently in the genre and has almost become a standard. Community input is crucial since game developers need to maintain an optimal level of quality for all new features and upgrades as games grow in size and scope.

It is unclear how gamers will be able to join up for New State Labs and whether doing so would need reaching a particular level.

According to sources, the beta testing server presently has four additional maps accessible. These maps contain names like Taego, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Miramar. Additionally, a new TDM map is presented.

It indicates that the future site will be New State's Mobile. The new battle royale game has already attracted a following, therefore its creators are following PUBG-lead M's in doing likewise. In addition to hosting the PUBG mobile original, they are hosting other partnerships. In addition, the game's creator includes New State Labs. Players may test out new games on the beta test servers known as State Labs.