New State: Mobile rolls out patch 0.9.44 notes for January 2023

The newest January 2023 Update for the mobile game New State: Mobile has been released by its developer, Krafton. There are a lot of patch notes to be revealed later on as part of the game's 0.9.44 update with the start of the year 2023. This will include the launch of the Survivor Pass Vol. 15, as well as a number of weaponry, firearms, vehicles, and other equipment receiving some balancing modifications in order to make the gameplay experience equitable for everyone.


New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.44 Weapons Update​

Weapons Balance Adjustments​

  • The M249 (C1 + Extended Mag) now holds 200 rounds. The size of the attachable shield has grown larger than before due to customization of C2. Updates on modifying M249 have been made to produce a significant performance change.
  • Players can now add an eight-times scope on the MK47 Mutant (C1) gun. The rate of autofire for long barrels has been improved by customizing C1. Soon, C2 Customization will be made available.
  • Players can now also add eight times of scope to the M16A4 (C1, C2), and altering the C1 bump stock and open foregrip slot enhanced the rate of autofire. The open foregrip slot and C2 Savage barrel customization now provide more damage experience.
  • The SLR (C2) 5.56 mm barrel damage has been customized. Additionally, the muzzle velocity has been increased.
  • The Tommy Gun (C1) now has increased damage with the C1 long barrel and open slot customization.
  • The Micro UZI (C1) now has increased damaging drop-off distance stats with increased range. Additionally, the versatility of the Micro UZI has enhanced thanks to C1 modification.
  • Slug damage from S1897 (C2) has increased.
  • The L85A3 now shoots on auto fire more frequently. Due to this, the gun's low DPS problem, which existed despite its excellent stability, has been remedied.
  • The shooting speed for DSR1 has slightly increased.
  • The has been a slight improvement in damage for the Kar 98k, VSS, and M110A1.
  • The secondary gun for Skorpion now has decreased damage.


Shooting Motions​

Each weapon's shooting motions have been changed to make the gunplay more dynamic. SMG, AR, and LMG long-range damage has now been reduced. It is defined where each gun should be placed. The developers encourage us to utilize each unique weapon by using it in a variety of scenarios with diverse shooting distances.


New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.44 Vehicle Updates​

Vehicle Balance Adjustments​

  • Due to the Vcabs' notoriously slow driving, the overall speed was raised. Additionally, the maximum speed limit was increased.
  • HP has incresed for the UAZ, Bryan, and Electron alongside the decreased speed.
  • Speed for Dacia and Voltage has been increased.
  • Driving stability for the Motorbike, Motorbike (Sidecar), Lightning, and Vulture has been slightly increased for additional safety.
  • Durability and maximum speed limit for Boat, Aqua Rail, and Wave Rider has increased.

Drone Store​

To summarize it up, the prices of items within the store has been decreased. Additionally, the cooldown for using the Drone Store has been reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds from the original 2 minute 30 seconds. The delivery time has decreased due to the Delivery Drone's enhanced speed, but its health has been reduced.

New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.44 Map and Mode Updates​


Battle Royale Season 7​

The Season 7 of Battle Royale is now here. Based on the tier from the previous season, the tiers will be reset, and players will receive a season summary as well as the rewards for the previous Season when they enter the Lobby. Additionally, Tier points balance will be renewed from this season. For those who are slain early in the game, fewer points will be subtracted and kill points have been increased, making the game more advantageous for aggressive players. Ranking points no longer have as much of an impact, maximum survival points no longer require as much time to acquire, and tier points are now more effectively earned in a Battle Royale match.

Additional Gameplay Updates​

  • There will occasionally be multi-care packages appearing from time-to-time in Troy. You can now also specify if the players will choose multiple packages or not and Team Deathmatch now allows players to play Arena.
  • During the Deathmatch, Care Package goods won't show up in the center of the arena. Players that die will respawn in a random location.
  • The requirement for winning a Deathmatch has been lowered from 40 to 30 kills in order to speed up gameplay.
  • Combat power has increased from level 50 to level 70. Players will receive a gun modification kit, which may be utilized for Deathmatch preset, at the conclusion of each stage..
  • Reward points for the current ranking have been mailed out, and the shooting gallery rating has been reset. A ranking system reset allows players to move up the ranks. On the shooting gallery, several patterns have altered. The number of extra points for SR is decreased from 800 to 500.
  • The Siege Mode Ranking has been reset, and the mailbox will now receive awards for achieving the prior level. The degree of difficulty has been raised. To reach a high score, one might challenge oneself once again.
  • The VCab vehicle is now available in training mode.


Other Changes​

  • It is now possible to give gifts to friends, subject to a minimum number of matches played and a certain amount of time of friendship status.
  • The number of weapons in the player's inventory that can be displayed in the lobby has increased from one to four, including two main weapons, one subweapon, and one handgun. Now, players can warm up with a variety of weaponry.
  • The vehicle radio tracklist now includes New State: Mobile's First-anniversary BGM.
  • For low-end devices, the light graphic option is now available. Now, when playing, players can choose a version with additional details.
  • The primary custodian of Survivor Pass Vol. 15 is the Keeper. Rewards are available for players that complete Keeper's tale quests. While playing, there will be additional incentives available.

Additional rebalances will be carried out in the future when more player feedback is heard, starting with the January update of this year. You can also head over to the game's official website to read more details about New State: Mobile's Patch 0.9.44