New State Mobile Update for December 2023 includes New Erangel Aurora, Gameplay, Gun Changes and more

Guild of Guardians
As the month of December draws to a close, the game New State Mobile has undergone several improvements. These include new weather updates for the Erangel map, gunplay modifications for various game weapons, and more. Let's examine the modifications that Krafton implemented in New State Mobile during the December 2023 Update in more detail.


New State Mobile December 2023 Update - New Erangel Aurora​

When players play on Erangel, they will have the opportunity to experience Erangel Aurora as a new weather setting. But after the change, the high likelihood of occurrence will only be in place temporarily. The probability could then be modified in light of gaming data. If players win in Erangel Aurora, they will receive a 50% bonus to their tier score. Players that lose in this weather will, however, lose 20% more of their tier score. Thus, they should pick their battles carefully!

More new weather will be added to other maps by the developers in response to user feedback and data analysis.


Other Map Changes:​

  • We have adjusted the Erangel session balance in response to input from survivors and an examination of gameplay data.
  • First, there will be a 10% boost in the Blue Zone's usual speed.
  • But compared to the current maps, there will be a 20% increase in the spawn rate of objects.

New State Mobile December 2023 Update: Gameplay Updates and Gun Customization​

Gunplay Changes​

The M110A1 weapon will receive a second customization in the form of a dedicated suppressor. The fixed Dedicated Suppressor will be installed in the muzzle slot upon application of the C2 custom. In addition to increasing damage and producing a noise-suppression effect, the suppressor will also lessen control over recoil and prevent the use of the muzzle slot.


Other Changes​

  • There will be changes to some of the Shooting Gallery's patterns.
  • Based on your prior ranking, the awards will be sent to your mail after the rank has been reset.
  • Guns are available for purchase in the Drone Store. One or two guns that are picked at random from among those that show up in a care package can be found in the store.
  • Each one costs 1,500 Drone Credits to purchase for players.

New State Mobile Survivor Pass Vol. 26 - Sentry​

"Sentry" is the main character in Survivor Pass Volume 26. By reaching specific pass levels, players can obtain the character for free. By upgrading to Premium Pass, one can additionally obtain Sentry's attire and the "Raven Queen" costume set. Purchasing Premium Plus will unlock even more goodies.

Once players upgrade to Legacy Pass, they will have the opportunity to reunite with the "Moonlight Goddess." After users purchase a Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, all NC used will be returned.