New Strategy-Gacha Game Time Reversal Launched In South Korea

It seems there is plenty of mobile games to try even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently a new mobile game grace South Korea called Time Reversal who previously released in the US but suddenly it can't be accessed now in Google Play Store.

Time Reversal is a turn-based strategy action game set in a sci-fi fantasy universe torn between three factions at war with each other: the Alliance composed of humans in the ground, God who now owns a kind of energy source called "Source Force" and Shadow, demon/vampire being who separates from God. As the protagonist, you are brought in their world from a forbidden summoning technology used by the Alliance.

The game will let you make a contact with 149 units to join your battle through a gacha system. Each can be put into your line up (maximum of 8 units) that can bring you a variety of abilities and powers from attack, heal, buff and defense to help you during combat with many skills combinations to choose from. An RPG element was also included in the game as you can level up units and limit break them.

The battlefield of Time Reversal kinda reminds you of Megaman Battle Network in GBA with 2D units moving to and from in a sidescrolling area and casting powerful spells.

You can summon your unit in a card-based system that gives you the feel of playing a strategy card game which somehow gives a breather from its cliche elements. Besides the engaging storyline that will you against AI that gets stronger along the way, you can also challenge others in PVP and see who among you have the best team with the best unit combination (while listening to their Japanese VO during the special attacks that gives you a strong anime vibe to it).

And since its a gacha game, expect to test your luck and patience to get as many UR or SR units as possible. But the good news is that eventually, you can get all the available units in Time Reversal from different ways such as Diamonds, Special Training Tickets, and Group Training Tickets.

No news whether this game will launch in SEA or will it be revived once again in the US but seeing the potential of Time Reversal makes us wanted to wish that it will be available soon in our region.