New title under the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, will be launching this year

Guild of Guardians
A new mobile app called Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket has been presented during the Pokemon Presents 2024 showcase. It is still in development and is expected to be released this year.
Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket.png
The upcoming mobile app was created by the Pokemon Company International, DeNA, and Creatures Inc. Through the app, players can enjoy quick battles, card collecting, and card trading.

The first trailer for the app was showcased during the presentation. The trailer focused on the app’s ability to pick up packs as the user goes about their day. They can then open and inspect their newly acquired cards.

Players can also “immerse” themselves in it to get a better look of what they have obtained. It is also possible for quick battles to take place against those who have the game.

For reference, here’s the full video of the Pokemon Presents 2024. The trailer for the new title of the Pokemon franchise will appear at the 5:45 minute mark: