New Weird Survival Game Once Human upcoming title from NetEase Games

Having recently been revealed during NetEase Connect 2022, Once Human is an upcoming survival title from NetEase Games in the New Weird genre that features a striking art style and plenty of aberrant monsters to test the players’ mettle. Unleashed after the opening of a mysterious silver door, Stardust has polluted the world, twisting it into a horrific landscape populated by unrelenting and nightmarish creatures.


During IGN’s Summer of Gaming, players will get a first in-depth look at the post-apocalyptic title including an all-new trailer, a behind-the-scenes developer interview, as well as a look at some of the monsters and bosses that players can expect to encounter in the world of Once Human.


In Once Human players are dropped years into the future where a mysterious door has been opened unleashing otherworldly terrors that have catastrophically changed the world and humanity. Players take on the role of “Beyonders”, humans that have been enhanced by Stardust and now boast special abilities. They will need to scavenge for resources while fighting off aberrant monsters as well as keeping an eye out for fellow survivors and protecting the home bases they build. Featuring PvE and PvP gameplay, Once Human gives players the freedom to take on all the horrors that this new world has in store for them.

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Features include:
  • A New Weird world and art style that features horrible aberrant monsters and a doomsday setting.
  • Gather resources and build your home base wherever you choose to survive against insurmountable odds.
  • Upgrade weapons, equipment, and vehicles to better take on the chaos and monsters that have taken over the world.
  • Freely explore the world in PvE mode where you take on both the terrifying monsters and the hostile and deadly environment of the world itself.
  • Cooperate with fellow players while defeating enemy strongholds and looting them for resources in PvP mode.
Aspiring Beyonders can check out Once Human at IGN’s Summer of Gaming on June 11th beginning at 11:30 am PDT/2:30 pm EDT. For more information on IGN’s Summer of Gaming including where the showcase will be streamed visit the official page here. To stay up to date with Once Human, visit Discord, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Developer: NetEase Games
  • Publisher: NetEase Games
  • Genre: New weird survival game
  • Platform: PC
Game Overview

Once Human is a New weird survival game. Players need to survive in the wilderness and try to fight against the aberrant monsters.

Game Background Story

After the mysterious silver door opened, the catastrophe came to this world. Human civilization has fallen in the invasion of Stardust pollution and abnormal forms. For 30 years, human beings have been struggling to survive in the mud. Until... You wake up. Some extraordinary people called "Beyonders" have appeared in this last world. Starting from the desolation, you have accumulated little by little the resources for survival, healed the land polluted by Stardust inch by inch, and recaptured one by one the sites of human civilization occupied by deformities.

Most of the land, under the pollution of Stardust, has become a wild area which is difficult to be used by human beings, and is spread all over the teratogens and dangerous creatures. The Stardust catastrophe has spawned countless monsters, which have occupied almost the whole world. We must recover the homeland of mankind from them! Although the metamorphosis has always regarded humans as prey, now, Beyonder, we have you... It's time for you to become a hunter.

What is the truth of the catastrophe? Is there any secret to the complete cure of dust pollution in the mysterious Rosetta base? To know this, it is not enough to rely on one person's strength. You need to gather all those who share the same ideals to explore the mysteries of destruction and evolution.

New Weird survival game

Attractive art style

The art style of the game is called New Weird, showing horrible aberrant monsters and doomsday city. In Once Human, you'll explore the world in the doomsday atmosphere and have to survive insurmountable odds as you fight off otherworldly threats.

Various game modes for players to choose

In Once Human, you can freely experience various modes. In PVE mode, you will enjoy the smooth feeling of shooting monsters and the stimulation of defeating monsters. While in PVP mode, you will cooperate with teammates to occupy enemy strongholds for resources.

Learn how to survive in the wildness

Players could experience how to survive in the wildness. They need to collect various resources to create or upgrade their weapons、equipment as well as vehicles. Besides, they could freely choose a location to set a territory and then build a house for themself

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