New World Boss Enraged Giath Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

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    Pearl Abyss announced today that the fearsome World Boss Enraged Giath has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers are strongly encouraged to train themselves before engaging this powerful new monster in combat.


    The new World Boss became even more powerful when a great rage began to swell up inside Giath, Chief of the Goblins. Giath was infuriated by Adventurers frequently ravaging the Goblin homelands, which led to him having nightmares. As a result, Enraged Giath is now determined to unleash terrible nightmares on anyone who tries to trespass in his forest. Adventurers who wish to participate in raids against this monster must be level 35 or higher.

    Furthermore, Abbysal Accessories will now be dropped as a reward for defeating World Bosses or particiapting in Elite Guild Boss Rushes. Adventurers can now further enhance their characters' combat skills using the highest-grade accessories available in Black Desert Mobile.

    Seoul, South Korea, June 24, 2020

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