New World Boss "Thundercloud Kutum" Arrives in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that the new World Boss "Thundercloud Kutum" has arrived in Black Desert SEA. With Thundercloud Kutum being the most powerful boss in the world of Black Desert to date, Adventurers must be well-prepared in order to defend the lands against its wrath.

[Pearl Abyss] New World Boss “Thundercloud Kutum” Arrives in Black Desert SEA.jpg

Kutum has returned to the world of Black Desert with a form more powerful than ever before. After archaeologists uncovered a secret room within the Scarlet Sand Chamber, Kutum was dominated by an unknown energy of this secret room, warping the guardian that protected the chamber into its destroyer.

Now known as Thundercloud Kutum, the most destructive form of Kutum will inflict critical damage by slowly electrocuting anyone that enters the stone chamber. It can also awaken Ancient Weapons and release wider-range attacks. Adventurers who defeat this terrifying boss will be greatly rewarded, and those who deliver the final blow will receive a special title.

Moreover, a number of new events are also available starting today. Until May 18, Adventurers can help NPC Lara in Heidel give gifts to children and earn rewards, such as Contribution EXP and Memory Fragment Bundles. Guild members can also claim special rewards and receive a great amount of Guild Funds through guild missions.

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