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    The upcoming New Xbox One Experience update landing in November will make some system functionality up to 50 percent faster. That's according to Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra, who talked more about the upcoming update during an appearance on the latest episode of "Major Nelson Radio."

    Ybarra said Microsoft tracks load time data for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the New Xbox One Experience (available now to some testers), and in some cases, executing tasks is quite a bit faster. "Popular gaming features" will load up to 50 percent faster, but he didn't say which exactly these will be. But overall, Ybarra said fans can look forward to a "new level of speed and responsiveness."


    The New Xbox One Experience will be available to everyone in November. Also included with the update is backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 titles, a new Guide, a redesigned Home, and a new Community section. Ybarra also teased that the update will introduce new "accessibility" features to ensure that the Xbox One can appeal to the widest possible market. These features will be announced later.

    source via gamespot

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