New Year Festivities Continue With Even More Exciting Events in Black Desert SEA

The New Year celebrations are still going strong in Black Desert SEA. A number of in-game events offering countless rewards have been prepared this week to continue celebrating the new year. Adventurers now have the opportunity to collect diverse rewards from the Guardian pre-release event, the Succession update, and special game package promotions.

The new Guardian class will officially be available in Black Desert SEA in just two weeks. A pre-release event will take place until January 22 to allow Adventurers to prepare for the arrival of the new class. They can get an +20% Item Drop buff by acquiring a Mysterious Axe, a weapon used by the Guardian, which can be found deep within the Ancient Stone Chamber.

Succession is now available for Sorceresses and Berserkers as well. Adventurers who Awaken these classes can receive quests from the Black Spirit to acquire Succession skills. These skills will grant more power to main weapons, which will in turn strengthen their characters. Until January 29, Adventurers will also receive various in-game rewards for every level they reach with these classes between levels 56 and 60.

A new pearl item Secret Book of Old Moon is also now available in Pearl Shop, which Adventurers can use to enjoy a package containing various buffs that will help level up their classes. To celebrate its release, the buffs of the Secret Book of Old Moon will be available for all Adventurers for 7 days. In addition, special items will be dropped in celebration of the second anniversary of Black Desert SEA until January 22. Adventurers who defeat monsters, gather, and fish can combine these items and sell them for 1 million silver.

The purchase packages on the official website have been renewed. Starting today, Adventurers can purchase the new Guardian DLC package until January 22. A buy-one, get-one-free event is also available for those who purchase Bronze, Silver, or Gold packages until January 29.

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The First Succession Update

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Seoul, South Korea January 8, 2019

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