New York Subliners Gets A Hold Of Filipino Pro CODM Player Saxy Along With His Team

Filipino pro CODM player Manuel “Saxy” Manag and his team is headed to New York Subliners!


The New York Subliners, or "NYSL," is the official Call of Duty League franchise club of New York, United States. It is owned and run by Andbox, and it was co-founded by Sterling VC and the New York Mets, who also own the New York Excelsior of the Overwatch League.

After announcing its desire to expand its reach to the mobile sector, Call of Duty League (CDL) organization NYSL declared on June 24, 2021 via Twitter that they are acquiring Filipino pro Call of Duty: Mobile player Manuel “Saxy” Manag and his team, Trovo Mayhem. This also comes after the organization stated that they want to become the first professional CDL team to make the move.

Saxy, together with his teammates Roland “LittleB” Byambasuren, Brian “Tectonic” Michel, Daniel Hernandez “Nero” Valadez, Scotty “Leon” Bravo, Michael Joshua “Clashy” Bush, Corey “Space” Brown, and coach Darian “Zim” Abreu, will be representing New York Esports in Call of Duty Mobile as NYSL Mayhem. The team will be carrying this name in their future tournaments as well.

In a twitter post, NYSL Captain James "Clayster" Eubanks, who is also a three-time world champion, MVP, and gold medalist in Call of Duty, recognized the team's arrival as well.


Manuel "Saxy" Manag is known by Filipinos as a Rules of Survival (ROS) champion with NRX and top 4 PH Champions with VVV in CODM. Following this transition, he said “I get goosebumps when we compete, especially in big tournaments. But we’re still working to get better everyday and I know this is only the beginning.”
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