Nexon Announces Re:Tree of Savior for Mobile

Choose your class and get your jobs ready! A new mobile MMORPG is about to begin its voyage, and the game has been known for a long time in the PC Market. Boasting a 4 year longevity and its continuous update, today we will be discussing about Tree of Savior and its upcoming mobile game, Re: Tree of Savior

Earlier today, Nexon Thailand has announced that they will be launching Re: Tree of Savior, a mobile MMORPG that will be played both in Android and iOS soon this year 2020.

The original version, Tree of Savior has been online for almost 4 years now and it is going strong with its additional content and solid player base that is there to stay. With the addition of the mobile market, it will only continue to grow and attract more players along the way.

IMCGames, the original creator and publisher of the game tried their hands to land in the mobile market last 2016 with Tree of Savior Remake for Mobile, however additional costs and the non-popularity of MMORPGs back then might be the reasons why it has been abandoned after some time.

Players of the mobile game has wondered what happened to the mobile version of TOS only to speculate that the costs might have been too much for IMC to handle since both PC and Android are too hard to maintain.

But with Nexon and their veterancy in the mobile gaming industry, it will be reassuring that it will last in capable hands.They have unveiled Re:Tree of Savior together with the other games they have planned in their roadmap this year including another mobile game called V4 and a PC game called Kart Rider: Drift.

They will be competing with the behemoths in the mobile industry such as Ragnarok Mobile and the others but with the content that they can carry over from their PC game and the loyal player base, it will make them a little bit easier for them.

However, we are still not aware of their next moves here on out, so all we can do is look out for on the latest developments of the game!