Nexon Announces Upcoming Alpha Test For Project HP, Applications Are Now Open

The publisher of Maplestory and Elsword, Nexon, just released more information about their newest PC PVP title, Project HP (Working title), as well as a teaser trailer.


Notable for games such as Vindictus and Durango: Wild Lands, Director Eun-seok Lee will be leading on working Project HP, an AAA (triple-A) level PC game created for the top model of the current generation platform. Originally announced in 2020 and then confirmed earlier on March this year, the game will be an original IP-based game that Nexon introduced to players for the first time since the construction of the new development headquarters.


Project HP appears to be a loosely medieval-themed PvP battle feast with stunning visuals and system requirements, according to a recent teaser provided by Nexon. Players can use magic or melee weapons as their preferred battle style when combined with fantastical elements. Players can morph into "heroes" after achieving certain milestones, according to Nexon, although the company declined to elaborate on the mechanism. Project HP is, nevertheless, a "true" PVP action game, according to them.


Nexon has expressed doubts about the future of the esports scene, considering the fact that it is still too early. Furthermore, the game began recruiting alpha testers on July 6, 2021, and will continue until August 6, 2021. The alpha test will only be available in Korea for four days, from August 5 to 8, 2021, and the selected testers will be revealed on July 28 and August 6, 2021.

The upcoming alpha test will feature two game modes: 'Strife,' a 16 vs 16 map, and 'Advance,' a 12 vs 12 map. Although the game will mostly center on melee combat with swords, spears, maces, and other weapons, it will also feature magical abilities. The official teaser trailer makes a point of emphasizing that it is showcasing gameplay footage.

The upcoming PvP game is rather new for South Korean players, and with the alpha test coming, the team will be listening to opinions of the players to further improve the game. For more information about Project HP and its alpha test, you can visit its official website here.