Nexon Games announces an anime adaptation of its hit game Blue Archive

The popular RPG game Blue Archive, which was created by Nexon, has announced that an anime series based on it would be launched soon. According to reports, the series will be published under the name "Blue Archive."


Over the weekend, Nexon Games and Yostar celebrated Blue Archive's second anniversary in Japan. The live celebration came to a close with an announcement that a Blue Archive anime is currently in the works. There are little details on the project's nature, but it will depict the game's world of Kivotos, its angelic students, and the events of the game's several stories.

The occasion saw the game's developers celebrate a number of accomplishments they have had over the course of two years, as well as a number of further new features that they plan to add in the game's next updates. New ASMR and OST albums, TANITA collaboration scales with Yuuka's voice, official anthologies, and Twitter events were all introduced as well.


Along with all these game-related news, an official announcement was made about a new anime series that will be based on the original video game Blue Archive. The developers included a brief animated clip with the game's newest featured NPC, Arona, along with a message that the TV animation production was discussed. Later on, the development of the animation was confirmed via their official Twitter.

The show's official website was also launched, however it currently only contains a poster with Arona and no other useful information.

Anime is nothing new to Blue Archive since Japanese animated television series strongly influenced the storyline and its character designs. It also contains numerous anime-style advertisements, including a number of quick stories created by Yostar Pictures. Azur Lane and Arknights are two video games that Yostar Pictures mostly creates animation content for. Yostar Pictures also produced the recent anime series Arknights: Prelude to Dawn and its upcoming sequel, Perish in Frost. Additionally, it created the anniversary trailer for the game's second anniversary, which teases fresh content for the current story campaigns.

Updates to the game's four current story campaigns were announced by the 2nd Anniversary Blue Archive anime promotional video. Each campaign centers on one or more student communities in Kivotos that are affiliated with the city's educational institutions and Schale, the player "Sensei's" organization. Snippets of static art all hinted further developments in their particular tales. The coming together of all the relevant groups to work with Kivotos' ruling party, the General Student Council, was seen as another potential event. Notably, the sequences also imply that players will eventually get more background information on Blue Archive's opening scene, in which the player is addressed by an anonymous student who is presumed to be the General Student Council President who is presently missing.


It is difficult to comment further on the plotline of the impending anime adaptation because there is so little information available. It might follow the same basic theme as the game or it might take an intriguing detour.

Blue Archive is available for download on Android and iOS devices. In early February this year, the international release of Blue Archive will mark its 1.5 year anniversary. There is no set release date for the anime Blue Archive yet but it is confirmed to be currently under production.

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