Nexon has announced Hit 2 MMORPG sequel of Heroes of Incredible Tales

Heroes of Incredible Tales will be getting a sequel.

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Nexon Co. Ltd. has announced that they will be giving global publishing support for the game HIT2 that their subsidiary, NAT GAMES Co. Ltd., is currently developing.

NAT GAMES Co. Ltd. is currently developing the sequel of their famous hack-and-slash fantasy action MMORPG, Heroes of Incredible Tales. It achieved a huge success way back in 2016 and ran up to three years before shutting down its servers in 2019.

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HIT was built with Unreal Engine 4 for mobile. It featured a detailed world with high quality graphics, fast-paced action, 100 unique levels, and numerous skills that players used for defeating monsters and bosses. The plot of the game was focused on saving the world from the God of Chaos. HIt has four classes: Anika (Scythe), Lucas (Dual Swords), Kiki (Magical Staff), and Hugo (Greatsword).

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Real-time co-op with up to four players was also one of the modes of HIT wherein players can team up to defeat bosses to obtain rewards, skills and enchantments. Tower of Trials and Sanctuary were its additional modes.

Heroes of Incredible Tales was a huge success that got over 25 million downloads, won awards at the Korean Game Awards, and was rated as one of the top performing games globally.

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NAT GAMES is currently recreating HIT under the project title, Project XH. HIT2 will be built on HIT’s original IP that was optimized for mobile and PC. HIT2 will follow the same fantasy world as HIT but the world will be expanded.

Currently, no further information was provided other than the publishing support that Nexon will be giving. Stay tune for further updates!