Nexon releases the official teaser trailer for The First Descendant a new Unreal Engine 5 co-op shooter game

Nexon developed its “third-person cooperative action RPG shooter” The First Descendant using Unreal Engine 5, in which players play the roles of “descendants” who inherited unknown powers that made them stronger to fight against the invaders and protect humanity.



The First Descendant is a free third-person cooperative action RPG shooter featuring high-quality graphics. Experience the fun of strategic boss fights through 4-player co-op and various unique characters, exciting gunplay, and looting. A variety of equipment is necessary for growth, and you can obtain them through clearing scenario missions within the game or in the World Missions where cooperation is crucial and battles with huge bosses.


The player becomes a Descendant in the game and is given a mission to fight against the invaders for the survival of humans and to protect the ‘Ingris continent’. The player can experience a spectacular story by growing stronger through various missions and stories to finally discover the Descendants' secret. You can also feel the First Descendant’s unique atmosphere through high-quality fields developed with Unreal Engine 5 and gain a new experience of reality and SF fantasy coexisting in one place.

Also, Nexon announced that the first Steam beta test scheduled for this month will be delayed to October 2022. The rescheduled Steam beta test will be on PDT(UTC-7) October 20, 00:00 ~ October 26, 23:59.