Nexon’s Wars of Prasia is a fantasy MMORPG for PC and Mobile

Previously known as “Project ER”, Nexon reveals the first teaser trailer of the game, which shows the game’s concept and worldview, now known as Wars of Prasia. The game is a new MMORPG title from Nexon for PC and mobile, and was first revealed back in August 2021.

wars of prasia.png

The game is said to feature a seamless open world and is powered by Unreal Engine 4. The game will be showcased by the development team in the annual Nexon Developers Conference (NDC).

Wars of Prasia is a fantasy MMORPG. The history of humans who fought to escape the oppression of Elves in the Prasia Kingdom will be the story of which the game will revolve in. To conquer territories, players must use different offensive and defensive strategies. They’ll also experience highly flexible real-time war battles while also building and operating their bases.

wars of prasia1.jpeg

wars of prasia2.jpeg

The NDC will be held online on June 8 and it is expected that more information will be announced there. The release date of Wars of Prasia is yet to be announced so stay tuned!
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