Nexplay Esports is now looking for new players for their Wild Rift team

Nexplay Esports has released their Wild Rift roster.


The announcement regarding the disbandment of the team happened through the tweet the manager of the Wild Rift team, Taz_Run21, posted. In the post, it was said that the whole team has been let go and they’re now “looking for a new organization”. The team’s accomplishments were also posted with the news.

Baron laner Miguel Vincent “Arisen” Pison, support player Jazzfer “Dizastr” Villahermosa, and Dragon laner Jovanie Artajo “Ooozee” Colong also posted that they are already looking for a new organization that they can sign with while also posting their achievements.

Currently, Nexplay Esports is already looking for a new male team for their Wild Rift division. If you think you have the talent and skills to be part of the team, apply through the link below. Good luck!