Nexplay Esports looking to buyout Aether Esports to Field Wild Rift Team

Setsuna “Dogie” Ignacio has revealed that he’s currently in talks for making his organization, Aether Esports, a sub-organization of Nexplay Esports. If pushed through, this will allow Nexplay Esports to get around the limitations that are being imposed by major leagues and cover more esports titles such as League of Legends: Wild Rift, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty (COD): Mobile, which will be under Aether Esports.


“Their plan for me is to buy out Aether [Esports] in full… it will be a branch [organization] because we also need to [compete] in Wild Rift because its prize pool is massive,” said Dogie.

The streamer also clarified that Aether Esports will keep its name but Nexplay Esports will be its head organization. “It’s all going to be branched out, maybe Nexplay Aether for Wild Rift,” explained Dogie.

Dogie also assured the fans that Aether Esports and Nexplay Esports will not merge into one. Instead, they will merely help each other by branching out to field more teams from various esports organizations. Moreover, Dogie also revealed that Nexplay Esports is now preparing to form a Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team of their own.

A bootcamp is currently being prepared for Dogie’s esports organization, Aether Esports, as revealed in his recent vlog. However, it is yet to reveal the teams that it will be fielding for the various esports titles. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates.

Aether Esports bootcamp is also currently being prepared as shown in Dogie’s recent vlog. However, the teams that will be fielding for various esports titles have yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more updates!