Nexplay EVOS Manager Baby Ignacio Apologizes for the Mismanagement of the Boot Camp after being called out by Akosi Dogie

Team Manager of Nexplay EVOS Baby Ignacio, apologizes for the mismanagement of the boot camp of the team after Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio calls them out.


Because of the disappointing run of the team in MPL PH Season 8 Week 1, Dogie ranted in one of his livestream on August 30th, about the mismanagement that has transpired in the boot camp of the team in Manila, Philippines. Dogie revealed that the players in the camp were reportedly drinking during the weekends.

What was more disappointing for him was that, RENEJAY’s father went to the boot camp to fetch his son but nobody was there to entertain him.

In response to this, Nexplay EVOS Team Manager Baby Ignacio relayed his apologies through a vlog he posted on August 31. He apologized for the mismanagement of the team as well as promised to do better.

“I just wanted to say sorry for my mismanagement and I will take accountability for everything that Brother Dogs said, everything that Renejay expressed that made him leave the NXP boot camp,” stated Baby Ignacio.

Baby added that the video is made not for denying the allegations or defending himself, but to accept the fault that was made. According to Baby, the staff organized a party to improve the “bonding” of the team as well as celebrate their first week inside the boot camp. However, it went overboard, as was pointed out by Dogie.

“The mistake is we overdid it, in a way, Brother Dogs was right in asking why we let the girls visit the boot camp for boys,
” stated Baby Ignacio

The team manager further explained that Dogie was referring to the girls present in the party who were the members of the all-female Wild Rift esports team, Nexplay Tempest.

Moreover, because of this incident the management has implemented stricter rules in the camp. Both teams are prohibited from visiting each other. Partying or drinking is now not allowed. Anyone who violates these rules will be subjected to an undisclosed fine or termination, Baby Ignacio said.