Next Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Revealed

Discussion in 'Street Fighter' started by LockDown, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. LockDown

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    Street Fighter V will reveal its next DLC character tomorrow February 9 2017 which was announced by Capcom. Included in the release might be the premiere song from the well known artist Lupe Fiasco's new upcoming album named Drogas Light that may also be tomorrow. Perhaps the character will be revealed as part of a trailer that features the song. Whatever the case, we'll report back with all the details tomorrow.


    The latest DLC character for Street Fighter V was Akuma, who was released in December. Fiasco is no stranger to Street Fighter. Last year, he defeated professional fighting game player Daigo Umehara in a Street Fighter V exhibition match. A known fan of video games, Fiasco has in the past wrote lyrics that reference various game titles and consoles.

    source via Capcom twitter
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    Wow thank you paps meron na pala nito

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