NFT Game Consultant ridiculously suggests to turn people from the developing countries into NPC

Rest of the World wrote a feature that discusses the collapse of Minecraft NFT games. In the article, a game consultant gave an absurd suggestion about what should be the next logical step to play-to-earn titles, which is to have users from poor developing countries become the NPCs of future games.


Mikhai Kossar, a chartered accountant and a member of Wolves DAO, a group that consults with NFT gaming projects in the early stages of their development, told Rest of World that some players will always go wherever they can make more money. “They will play Pac-Man if they can earn more,” he said.

According to Kossar, NFT renting mechanisms in play-to-earn games are important to keep them accessible to poorer players. “You have people that have money, but don’t have the time to play the game, and on the other hand, you have people that don’t have money but have time,” he said.

He sees a future, however, where guild ownership and management could upend the model of wealthy Western players managing those in low-income countries. “Filipinos could band together to buy some assets and then rent them out to themselves and make money that way,” he said.

But he also envisions NFT games that could exploit the wealth gap between players to deliver a different experience. “With the cheap labor of a developing country, you could use people in the Philippines as NPCs (“non-playable characters”), real-life NPCs in your game,” said Kossar. They could “just populate the world, maybe do a random job or just walk back and forth, fishing, telling stories, a shopkeeper, anything is really possible.”

If you read WolvesDAO’s membership application form, its mission is to “equip the blockchain gaming sector with key insights, education, and tools to build the games and communities of tomorrow.” It seems that this guy’s vision of the future community is to make the rich, wealthier; and the poor, poorer. I wish nothing but the worst for him