Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds Characters and Visuals Revealed!

A famed franchise will continue on a mobile game, if it is still popular, keep striking the popularity to make it a classic. I remember some games go the distance and get their desired fame because they really pushed in the effort. So, we will write about one game that we have featured before, Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds!

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds a.jpg

It has been a while since we reported it. But there have been recent developments in the game, some visuals have been shown now, and the characters are shown already. These are playable and you can see how the design really is appropriate to the characters that they have went for. It is interesting to see how it would go, not to mention some of the characters' seiyuus or voice actors have been shown and it is promising to see. But without further ado, let's check the characters.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds b.jpg

A valiant and chivalrous person, swordsman always has the persona that exudes class and style. Their design fits to a tee, the rose is usually held by knights to give to a fair maiden back then, maybe they want to go that route, well, this looks well thought out and the seiyuu was revealed as Hiroshi Kamiya, famous for his work in the voice acting industry in Japan as Yato from Noragami and Koyomi Araragi from the Monogatari series.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds c.jpg

They went with a different outlook of a witch here. Some witches in medieval times go for the black and pointed hats but it seems that they will go with this design. A beautiful and elegant witch that reminds me more of the potion makers and sorceress in the apothecaries but I digress. This is nice design for a good witch. What makes this even better is that the legendary Kana Hanazawa will be voicing this. You probably do not need a resume for her to know how well-known she is.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds d.jpg

Usually, the naughty and runt of the group. Rogues have the most flexible design out there since they usually go with light wear to be nimble and agile. Other words for a thief, assassin in other types of games, this is a traditional take of the rogue.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds e.jpg

Very classical and following one of steampunk's design, the aviator goggles, it definitely resembles an engineer. The clothes she wears are fitting for one. Reminiscent of the industrial revolution and the jacket just exude basic steampunk-wear without the gears and cogs ofcourse. This is a proper design of an engineer.


Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds f.jpg

Usually called as Berserkers, the strong physique, topless design of the Destroyer fits to a tee. Having a tooth bracelet? and hides that look like former hides of the animals that he has hunted is a nice characterization of a strong character who faces beasts.

The Graphics

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds g.jpg

The graphics look amazing. The look of the buildings is very detailed and the view is just scenic that it would be amazing to traverse the world and explore it yourself. But honestly, just look at it than me describing it to your pleasure.

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds h.jpg

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds i.jpg


That is all the information we have for now regarding Cross Worlds. Future announcements might be announced at the Tokyo Game Show so for those interested, they should make sure to check that out. The future is bright for this franchise and it will only be brighter if done right. Are you interested in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds? Tell us in the comment section below!