Niantic revises Community Ambassador Program of Pokémon GO

Recently, Niantic has revised the Community Ambassador Program for Pokémon GO. Now, trainers from select countries of the augmented reality mobile game can apply for the role of “creating and leading a local community.” Through this new update, the developers are expecting that more in-person activities will be encouraged among players.

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If interested to become a Community Ambassador, there are some prerequisites that needs to be followed first:
  • The trainers who are allowed to apply for the program are those that are residing in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Then those that are eligible must fill out an official application form for the Community Ambassador role.
  • After that, Niantic will be reviewing your submission and invite you to join other applicants.
  • Once you’ve been allowed into the group, you will have to host four community events and submit group photos of each event.
  • Once you’ve finished meeting this criteria, Niantic will then conduct a final background and safety check of your community.
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As applicants must host four local Pokémon GO community events, they can do either Community Day or Raid Day gatherings, trading meetups, GO Battle League tournaments, or local, in-person Pokémon GO Fest celebrations.

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As Niantic is the one that solely controls and runs the application process, they are looking for players who have diversity, professionalism, quality of character, positivity, and integrity as Pokémon GO Community Ambassadors. Additionally, the update has also decreased the community size requirement, which only has 10 people now.